Our Experience – intu Properties Limited

Working in ‘Partnership’ we have provided guidance and support in the creation of the ‘intu’ vision for parking. We have effectively ensured the intu parking strategies are aligned with the overall guest experience and ensured the parking experience is an integral part of the overall shoppers customer journey.

Focusing on this customer journey we were asked to find and implement solutions to improve the guest experience through either technological or manual enhancements, which would achieve the business objective of increasing car park occupancy and customer repeat visitations. By using the business intelligence systems available we were able understand the demographics and behaviours of their customers, this then allowed us through parking equipment technology to create such solutions as to provide rewards in return for their loyalty.

A challenge for the busiest shopping centres was ensuring vehicles were kept free flowing and that parking bays were optimised and vehicle occupancy was evenly distributed. Through the use of digital signage and parking guidance solutions, plus our sensitive approach to parking enforcement, we have identified and created a range of traffic management strategies which our operational teams will deploy to better manage and alleviate congestion.